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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Request for Advertisement

Newspapers, magazines, e-zines, newsletters and similar publications need advertisement to meet their expenditures and make profit. Seeking advertisement from the potential organizations is a routine job of marketing staff at media/press.
Normally, advertising agencies seek advertisements and some periodicals and newspapers also directly approach companies for advertisements. How to write a letter seeking advertisement is a thoughtful job. Requests for advertisements must be clear and concise. While writing a request for advertisement in your magazine or newspaper, you need to let the potential advertiser know about the strength of your publication and its distribution. What contents it carries and how an advertiser can get benefit by advertising in your publication? These are critical questions that need to be answered while drafting a letter for advertisement. Here is a sample letter that may be written to potential advertisers. This is a sample request for release of advertisements from a newspaper:


Subject: Request for Advertisement

(Newspaper) a Fortnightly Newspaper projecting Trade and Economic Policies and covering Mega Events in the Country since last 13 years with success, remarkable achievement and appreciated also on its credit. (Newspaper) as constantly and continuously been bringing up and highlighting the issues and problem relating to the business community.
(Newspaper) is ideal to advertise the products expecting approximately 2% of the Country’s population as consumers.
(Newspaper) will give you results above expectation for areas such as Financial Sector, Auto Sector, Steel Sector, Consumer Products, Airlines, Transportations, Petroleum, Machineries, Textile, Fan Industry, Pharmaceutical, etc since we have more than 10,000 subscribers in business community. Our mailing list includes members and officials of FPCCI, chambers and trade bodies for all over the country.

We hope that you will give us the advertisement. We look forward for your cooperation at highest level.

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